The Hayden Fogle Band – Sat. Sept. 8th

The Hayden Fogle Band – Sat. Sept. 8th

Hayden started playing guitar just before his 9th birthday.  Initially, Hayden’s focus was classic rock, and he gave his first public performance at 9 years old playing Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” and then a year later during his guitar school’s assembly, he amazed the audience with his performance of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”.

In 2010 Hayden became more interested in developing his improvisational skills and spent a lot of time playing to backing tracks and developing his own sound.  During this process is when Hayden became more interested in improvising Blues over other genres.

In mid 2011, Hayden decided to learn classical guitar and picked it up very quickly.  Hayden was given several opportunities to demonstrate his skill to improvise during performances but the structure and focus involved with Classical guitar began to interfere with his creative abilities and upon realizing this, Hayden decided to stop Classical and focus exclusively on Blues.

Six months after making the decision to focus on playing Blues, Hayden had the honor of being invited to perform a Blues improvisation with the legendary Buddy Guy during a concert in Buffalo, NY on June 12, 2012.  Hayden has been listening to Buddy Guy’s music his entire childhood and Buddy is his greatest influence. READ MORE HERE

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