Maria Aurigema -Fri. May 4th

Maria Aurigema -Fri. May 4th

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but you play like a man” said blues legend Jimmy Thackery.

Maria Aurigema was born in Buffalo, NY. SShe is the youngest of four children and the only girl. Aurigema means golden gem in Italian and there could not be a more

fitting title for this talented artist.

Maria experienced an early exposure to life in the entertainment industry. Her multi-talented father, Jay Aurigema, owned a 30 room mansion in North Tonawanda, NY which became the stop-over for many artists and entertainers performing at Melody Fair in the 1970’s. The DeGraff Mansion still contains a room where the walls are covered with signatures of these entertainers including Anna Marie Alberghetti, Donald O’Connor, Dean Jones, Sylvia Sydney, Martha Raye, John Raitt (Bonnie Raitt’s father) and scores of others. Though Maria was only a little girl at the time, she remembers the frequent late-night parties that filled the mansion. READ MORE

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