Jim Wynne Band – Fri. July 21st

Jim Wynne Band – Fri. July 21st

Jim Wynne can tell you the moment he became a bass player.
His friend, Dean Angle, was teaching him to play drums, but needed a bass player for his band. The 14-year-old Wynne wasn’t even really aware of bass at the time.  “As soon as I started playing, it just hit me like a revelation,” Wynne said. “Hey, this makes sense. It took me forever to get technique and to learn skilled playing, but as soon as I started playing, I just knew  this is what I’m doing.”

It was the start of a path that would lead to him being recognized as one of the top bass players in Western New York as he has played with a series of bands including Gamalon, Haiku, the Wynne Band and a host of others.

He’s also a frequent session bassist, working with Robby Takac and Justin Rose at GCR studios as well at other area studios.

But first he had to get good. He found a home in the band room at West Seneca East, where he would challenge music teacher Niles Denning in bass battles, “But Mr. Denning would decimate me with his chops,” Wynne said. READ MORE HERE

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