J.P. Soars and the Red Hots – Sat. Sept. 22nd

J.P. Soars and the Red Hots – Sat. Sept. 22nd

“JP Soars is not a typical blues guitarist. He has a diverse musical background that encompasses a multitude of influences. “Since starting his recording career as a blues artist with the critically-acclaimed 2008 CD Back of
My Mind, guitarist and vocalist JP Soars has channeled uncommon influences into a signature
sound. Anyone could simply list revered blues artists like Muddy Waters and Guitar Slim, jazz guitar
giants like Django Reinhardt and Wes Montgomery, and uncompromising rock acts like Black Sabbath
and Slayer, but Soars has lived the diversity — cutting his teeth touring and recording with

South Florida metal bands, and learning the complex style of Reinhardt to continue to perform in
“Gypsy Jazz” solo and duo settings. All of these artists, and more, color and shade Soars’ blues vocals
and playing, whether on his hollow-bodied Epiphone six-string or home-made, two-string cigar box
slide guitar.
In 2009, Soars’ unique approach paid off as he and his trio The Red Hots defeated bands from…Read More Here

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